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SCD Client Group

SCD Client Group is a strategic network of SimCorp Dimension clients. SimCorp but also other relevant providers of solution components are invited as partners. The objective of the network is to optimize long term investment management cost for financial institutes which utilize the SimCorp Dimension application.

Primary means are:

  1. Increase transparency on SimCorp deliveries across software and services in order to reduce uncertainty about functionakty a´nd quality
  2. Improve access to alternative providers in order to stimulate an open market
  3. Facilitation of client collaboration in order to create economy-of-scale, share cost and reduce time to market.

Membership is based on a quarterly subscription. Please follow the link to visit the homepage. 

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Cost optimization for investment managers

Cost optimization in a simple subscription model:

  1. Quantification of your total investment management cost
  2. Normalization and benchmarking against peers
  3. Calculation of in- and outsourcing potential
  4. Identification and definition of improvement opportunities

-based on a standardized data model.

The effective process for organizational improvement and continuos cost improvements for investment managers. 

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SimCorp Consultancy

Facilitation of cooperation between the investment manager and SimCorp. From requirement analysis and contract definition over implementation and project management to the design and operation within a suitable organisation.

The effective way to avoid major pitfals in the complex, massive and expensive endeavour of implementing SimCorp Dimension.

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